The Improv Medicine Show

The performance is designed to help health care professionals and patients step out of their roles so they can appreciate the challenges and needs of the other people who are part of the patient/care provider paradigm.

"The role reversal activity made me think about how detached a doctor must have to be. If I was in that position, it would crush me to have to work with people everyday that were possibly dying."

Quote from Richard, cancer patient, IMS participant



We Can Help

Understanding one another can be challenging, especially when faced with difficult situations. Often times, important information is with held due to many reasons which can include feeling intimidated, fear of being considered stupid, or even not wanting to hurt someones feelings. Open, honest and transparent communication bridges communication gaps between service professionals and clients. Our Improvisation work  is built upon that principle and utilizes role reversal workshops and interactive performances to heighten our client’s awareness and ability to communicate effectively  "on the spot," in and out of the workplace.

Illuminating the Barriers

Just when we think that there is nothing in common between us and that “other person,” you realize that there isn’t! Improv Medicine Performances demonstrate that by saying yes, we can change the way we view others, which in turn, makes it possible to connect and find common experiences that each can relate to. This makes working together, and valuing one another that much easier, even if you have to improvise it in the beginning! Book a performance at your next conference or retreat and be a part of the show! The experience will solidify the teachings of improvisation and allow you to take it back and put it to practical use immediately.

Reach New Heights

The power of presence and paying attention is priceless! How often do we get stuck in our roles and operate on auto pilot? How much of our days are actually spent fully present and engaged in our task at hand? With technology, busy lives and overwhelming work loads, it is easy to miss opportunities to truly understand the needs of our clients.This can cause feelings of miss trust and create a dishonest and unhealthy relationship, oftentimes with out even knowing it. Learn to pick up on cues and ask the right questions with the  assistance of Improv Medicine at your next staff training or retreat. Gain tools and insight into creating healthy relationships while having fun! Improv Medicine is about building upon your own authenticity while connecting with others.


Patricia Schoenfeld, Nurse Practitioner at UNM Cancer Center:

“Touched me up the core. Helped me to identify a recent lose I thought I worked through but released there is more work to do.  It renews the wholistic approach to health."

Misti Lynn, Nurse Practitioner

“Loved the show! Approaching such different topics with humor helps the healing. Your work helps everyone to know that it is OK to talk about living and dying. I could relate to so much of your performance.”

Paul Wright, Quantum Energetics Structured Technique Practitioner

The practice of playing of being present with another in the moment with the intention to heal is a powerful modality that showcases that experiencing intense emotions in a safe and playful setting is transformative and  helps heal the whole person.


Additional comments from our show at the SIMPLE Conference, June 2016:

“Great balance of happy,funny, sad and real.”

“Very cool. Loving it!”

“Totally engrossing, creative, moving and enjoyable.”

“You guys were amazing!”

“Moving. Sadness and laughter. Nice to just be real.”

“Loved it!”

"Fabulous Show!”

“We have the awesome Threshold Choir for end of life, but maybe we need more humor/comedy in hospitals and home care situations for healing. More comedy shows in Taos!”

“Kept it real. Light and funny with bits of sadness.”

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