Building trust between Service Professionals and Clients.

"I'm so impressed with your improv group. On the outside, we see your quick thinking, spontaneous actions and teamwork. Looking deeper, it seems that your connecting with something deep in you heart. To do that alone is challenging, to do it with one other person is difficult, but to do it in front of a large crowd of "strangers" is amazing. Kudos to you and your troupe for you brave hearts.”

Jim Cardasis, DO and Board Member for Integrative Medicine de Taos

Improv Workshop: Archetype Improv Class

Live Zoom Ongoing Webinar  
Beginners Welcome - Super Supportive Environment and Great People
Thurday evenings from 5-7 -
For more information contact Irene Loy
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What is improv medicine?

Our Services

Leveraging the engagement and power of live performance, the Improv Medicine Show delivers entertainment, inspiration, and education.

Our Audience

Bridging the communication gaps between medical professionals, patients, and the health care system to open doors of understanding and increase communication.   

About Jason

Jason's passion is for bringing care to a new level of awareness and expression for both patients and caregivers. As a former cancer patient himself, he brings a special kind of authenticity to this work that transforms, entertains, and heals.

Safely explore your roles through improvisation

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