About improvMedicine

We are using the arts of improvisation, group facilitation, and skillful communication to open a constructive dialogue between doctors, patients, and health care advocates. What we all want is greater understanding that accelerates healing and increases the effectiveness of care delivery. 

 "The performance set the intention for the SIMPLE conference. This is how every conference should start.” 

Alisha Nicole Parada, MD

Jason’s biography combined with his background as a leader, administrator and as an actor meet with the cares and concerns of service professionals and their clients.

The Improv Medicine Show

Jason Pfeifer

Founder of  The Improv Medicine Show, Jason is a working actor, cancer survivor and head of Holy Cross Hospital’s non-medical integrative cancer support services program based in Taos,NM
He facilitates groups, leads workshops and has been involved in management and leadership positions at University of New Mexico and the Taos Entrepreneurial Network. Currently, Jason coordinates and manages Holy Cross Hospital’s Cancer Support Services Program. Combining his skills as an actor, educator and leader along with his personal experience, he created Improv Medicine to foster better

communication, understanding, and trust between service professionals and clients.

Becky Ciletti

Becky Ciletti has been improvising since birth when she was a baby. She studied with the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City then started doing stand-up comedy. She is a writer and photographer who strives to capture the funny side of life.

Irene Loy

Irene Loy brings to this work a professional background in healthcare, education, theatre, and non-profit settings, as well as play experience the likes of Ruth Zaporah, Arthur Lessac, contact improv, and authentic movement.  On year eight in New Mexico and counting, she is thrilled to be part of the Improv Medicine Show.  May we all get to better communication with others by first having a good laugh at ourselves.

Hollie Laudal

Improv actor and former hospice chaplain.  She works with people on their stress and overwhelm through teaching improv, yoga, meditation and  nutrition coaching.  After working long hours in intense healthcare settings, Hollie's health crashed a few years ago and she dealt with Chronic Fatigue for about a year and a half before fully covering. She likes to say that improv is her religion, and that it helped her heal and de-stress her life after taking things too seriously for too long.

Devon Hoffman

Devon Hoffman has been performing improv since high school and loves being silly onstage. He is also working on an alternative reality game in Abiquiu, called the Eyes of Time, and a theater of the oppressed troupe at Moving Arts Española.

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